Our Services

​Home-based and Center Based

- Progressive Shaping Milestones Program is  a holistic approach to the domains of development of children such as communication, academics, attention, fine and gross motors, socialization and self-help.

- it is  an individualized program  that helps determine the strengths and weaknesses  of an individual and what strategies are the best for optimal learning.

- improvement in 3 months or less

*according to the latest research conducted by Good Thinking Research Inc., almost all of our students start to show improvements in 2 months.


Imagine this, the same proven program that you probably have heard of but in a more intensive way. PLUS additional programs that will help you boost your child’s development such as:

Household Training Program
Program Assessment

Actually, if you are interested with the Accelerated Program, you may set a Free strategy call with us so, we can prepare a personalized program that will fit your child and boost his/her development. Then from there, you may decide if we can help you or not.

- Guaranteed improvement in 5 weeks.

Shadow Teaching and Turorial

- provides behavior modification in school setting
- modifies curriculum in school to help the students cope with the lessons
-tutorial that uses a teaching strategy that will surely make the child motivated and focused on the lessons

Life Empowerment Coaching Program

​"The only journey is the journey within." That's what Rainer Maria Rilke thought about understanding oneself. As we get to experience life, we realize that there are times when odds are against us. And since not everybody has the same threshold in handling difficult circumstances, it is okay that some of us look for help so they can move forward in their journey.

SMLC Life Empowerment coaching program aims to help people who are having difficulty with their thought process. An NLP coach is a type of wellness professional who helps people make progress in their lives in order to attain higher goals and greater fulfilment. NLP coaches aid their clients in improving their relationships, academics, careers, and day-to-day lives.

Break free from your toxic limiting beliefs. Regain control of your life. Discover your purpose and recalibrate your direction. Gain confidence and be ready to achieve your goals.