SMLC is not just a therapy center, it's a promise of hope and love.

SMLC  is a private, result-oriented organization dedicated in providing excellent intervention to individuals with special needs and problems in behavior. We want to see a world where “All children and families have access to quality therapy.

Presently, SMLC is the largest organization in the field of educating children with special needs because of its effective program. Due to it, SMLC is striving to reach out more areas that need this kind of intervention. It will take advantage in the field because of its outstanding quality.

SMLC is founded by CEO and President, Cheynard Bondoc. With his toil and devotion for the company, SMLC has served more than 5,000 families already. It has already established more than 70 branches. With more than a decade of experience in the field, the team acts to reach out more children by establishing more branches.

What Makes Us Different?

“Guaranteed improvement in 3 months or less
“We are the BIGGEST therapy provider in the country”
“The only therapy center that gives money-back guarantee


To provide quality and innovative intervention to every child with special needs, globally in service of God.


All children and families have access to quality therapy.

How did we start?


Do you know WHY we’re here? We all have our different WHYs. And your WHYs shape your destiny. Most of the time, pain gives you direction.

Why do we keep on expanding? Why do we need to go to provinces if we are doing good in the metro? Why do we need to be excellent in what we do? Why should we hire more teachers?

Our why started here.

I met a kid who has undergone therapy from other centers for 5 years but no improvement was seen. It was painful. So painful that I even asked God why things like this happen. I was looking for an answer but HE gave us a VISION, instead. After that kid had a noticeable improvement in 2 months. It became clear.

This PAIN led us to our vision: “Excellent intervention to every child with special needs.” And we’re headed to our destination.

We will make SMLC available throughout country. We are doing this for the families who are waiting for an answer to their prayers. For the parents who are looking for the right and loving people to take care of their child. And mostly, for the children who are striving to be understood.

This is WHY we’re here. This is WHY we strive. We aim to be an answer to someone’s prayer.